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Hi, welcome to Lohikaarme Interiors virtual interior design services. Whether you are adding an inspiring workspace, breathing new energy into your environment, moving into a new nest, or just desire more organization and function in your space we can assist you in creating unique custom interiors that you dream of. 


Our Process is User Friendly and Fun, Start Your Design Journey Today!


What you get: 


Phase 1 - Intro Package

  • - Upon purchase, you will receive your digital design package including:  

    • Design questionnaire. 

    • Step by step guide for photographing and measuring your space. 

    • Design process guide & checklist. 

    • Shared Pinterest board invite. 


Phase 2 - Meet Your Designer 

  • Schedule your first 30-minute virtual design meeting to review intro package materials. 


Phase 3 - Creative Dialog 

  • 5* Day design direction communication with your designer. 

    • Options to approve/reject potential products & color palettes.

    • *Option to extend creative dialog by 5 additional days if the client prefers more options/time. 

    • Once the design direction is agreed upon we then unleash the magic. 


Phase 4 - The Magic 

  • Designer creates your custom room design within 5 business days and sends you the following items:

    • Digital design board *PDF format complete with live product links. 

    • Digital floor plan/room layout *PDF.

    • Products to purchase information and checklist.

    • Action plan step guide. 

    • Email invitation to schedule a 30-minute design consultation. 


Phase 5 - The Review 

  • Final 30-minute design consultation to review. 

    • Design board, Floor Plan, and Purchase Checklist.

    • Introduce you to your customized Action Guide.

    • Address any questions and concerns. 

    • Now you are ready to unleash your inner designer.

    • We will be available for support for 30 days following your review.  


Have questions about our process? Need more information? Or looking for a design consultation? Contact us, we’d love to meet you :)


Virtual Interior Design

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