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Our Team

We are a budding interior design firm founded by Oakland artists Lisa Scherf and Mary Lawrence. Our LBGTQIAQ+ multicultural foundation is built around creative ingenuity, passion, diversity, authenticity, and above all, inclusion. 

In this firm we believe contrast teaches us, creativity inspires us, 

vision motivates us, passion drives us, and love connects us!

Today, I live in a hillside castle with my charming partner surrounded by blue rocket ships, brass dragons, and the Star Wars cast. But I didn't start here. My design journey began at the age of 9 when I convinced my parents to endorse my plan to remodel my childhood bedroom complete with custom loft and earnest dusty rose carpeting.

As I grew beyond my rose-colored carpet, I would explore the tech industry's far reaches, paying my way through design school. In the end, I emerged from both with a love of innovative, efficient design expressed with a quirky creative edge. This vision has inspired the evolution of Lohikaarme Interiors. Reach out and let's redefine what's possible in your space!

Lisa Scherf

Founder, Owner, and Principal Designer


Mary Lawrence

Co-Founder / Social Media and Marketing Director

IMG_0016 2.JPG

At the invincible age of 17, I arrived in SF to study Graphic Design at the Art Institute of California. While I immersed myself in my studies, I longed for more. I felt my passion fading, and something had to change. Ever the unafraid, bold hearted woman I am, I decided to take off and travel the world.


On my first adventure, I visited six countries, two continents, countless museums, art galleries, cathedrals, etc. As I traveled, I could no longer suppress my hunger for culture or silence my creative soul's artistic calling. I decided it was time to build something of my own. I would have a dream shortly after, of wielding art from fire. Like a movie scene, I woke up, took a mirror off the wall, and set it ablaze. I stayed up the rest of the night, trying different techniques. 


My unique fiery technique is now the cornerstone of my business, Evolve with Mary Crafts. Searching for grander avenues to experiment and inspire artistically, I have co-founded Lohikaarme Interiors. As a critical player for the Lohikaarme team, I bring my social media, web development, graphic design, and fire art hot sauces to our table. Together we are creating dream interiors for residents and corporations across Northern California and beyond.

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